I started playing upright bass at age 14 to join friends who formed a folk group in the early 60s. Two years later I switched to the electric bass and started playing rock and roll. I played my first paid gig New Year's Eve 1964.

1965 - 1970
Studied painting at the Ringling School of Art. I played in original rock bands performing experimental theatre pieces and protest rock.

1970 - 1973
Went on the road playing in dance clubs in upstate New York, Montreal, and New England.

Started playing guitar and studied upright bass in Albany, New York with David Cobb, the Principal Bassist in the Albany Symphony.

1974 - 1975
Attended the Berklee College of Music completing two years of study in two semesters. 1976 Moved to San Francisco and played in the local jazz scene and started teaching at Blue Bear School of Music.

1978 - 1983
Joined the Pickle Family Circus, performing on guitar and bass. I was given the opportunity to become music director and write music for theatre including both vocal and instrumental arrangements. Played throughout the West Coast and also toured Alaska and played the Round House Theatre in London.

1984 - 1996
Served as composer, lyricist, guitarist, and bassist for Make-a-Circus.

1987 - 2005
Taught at Community Music Center in San Francisco.

Music Director and Composer on Academy Award-winning film, Clowning Around.

1996 - Present
Performing on upright bass with the Susan Chen Trio at Harris Restaurant in San Francisco on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Teaching private lessons in guitar and bass.

First Place - Best Music Lessons in the Bay Area on BayList.