My Teaching Philosophy
Each musician brings to lessons their strengths and weaknesses, hopes, dreams and aspirations. I try to create a program tailored to each individual. You choose the path you wish to follow (pop, rock, jazz, blues, classical), and I will be your guide.

Note Reading
I use various methods to make this as painless and easy as possible, including the study of popular, well-known songs. The emphasis is on learning the notes on the instrument.

I teach chord theory from intervals to triads to tetrachords with tensions and polychords. The emphasis here is on hearing and recognizing chord qualities (major, minor, dominant, etc.). How do chord qualities affect us? How can we use them compositionally to affect others?

Rhythmic concepts will be introduced in the study of note reading. Playing with a metronome is stressed. Students are encouraged to use the tapes and CD's included in method books to develop "time feel". An in-depth study of Louis Bellson's "Modern Reading Text in 4/4" will be made available for more advanced students.

As a person who has suffered and overcome physical problems associated with repetitive motion (i.e., tendinitis and other overuse syndromes), I am acutely aware of proper technique and how best to instill good playing habits to avoid pain and to achieve the best results.

From the 2nd lesson onward, students are encouraged to improvise, first by learning pentatonic scales and motifs, and later by studying scales, modes, arpeggios, and transcribed solos from Chuck Berry to Paul Chambers.

Ear Training
Interval relationships are introduced and singing is encouraged to promote melodic memory. Learning to transcribe songs and solos is covered and highly encouraged.