"An Amazing Teacher"
"Mark is an amazing teacher. He has a rare natural gift for teaching and he cares personally about helping each of his students maximize whatever talents she/he may possess. I have taken string bass lessons from Mark for about five years, and I am continually grateful to him for taking the time and energy to think about my lessons ahead of time and bring an approach that directly addresses where I am and what I need to move forward. I have seen him work successfully with people of various ages and skill levels. I recommend Mark as a guitar or bass teacher without reservation." by areisman

"An Incredible Knowledge of Music"
"I first tried to learn guitar at Blue Bear (School) and Community (Music Center) but was very discouraged by the small claustrophobic rooms and the distraction of hearing everybody else's lessons in progress. I feel lucky to have found Mark (Kennedy Music Studio). What gives him the edge over other teachers is the combination of his incredible knowledge of music and infinite patience. To help you learn a song, he will write out the chords with fingerings so you can practice that way until you can recognize the chord name on a song chart, a very helpful technique. I take a combination of private and group lessons and couldn't be happier with my progress. Mark is one of my favorite people on earth." by devitad

"An Excellent Teacher!"
"Mark Kennedy is a truly gifted guitar and bass teacher. Rather than having a one-size-fits-all method, he has a rare ability to assess each student individually and find ways not only to help that person learn, but also to enjoy the process of learning. I have taken guitar lessons from Mark, played in ensembles with other students whom he teaches, and met and listened to other student at recitals, and I would highly recommend him to anyone of any age or level who is interested in taking guitar or bass lessons." by ncolman